Need help with connection Xiaomi + OH3 + zigbe2mqtt + mqtt

Hi, can someone help with adding some Xiaomi devices to OHv3. I read all information about zigbe2mqtt but on this forum and official site, but it all for old OH versions. I try to do something similar in OH3 but it not work, or maybe I don’t understand. Can someone help connect my water sensor and switch to MQTT broker in a step-by-step way. Now I have:

  • Xiaomi water leak sensor sjcgq11lm
  • Xiaomi switch wxkg11lm
  • Raspberry Pi4 with openhub 3.1.0.m
  • c2531 connected to RP4
  • working zigbe2mqtt (some paired devices(water leak (1-3) and mini switch) that shows their parameters in the console)
  • working MQTT broker(Use Mqtt.fx ).

PS I try to use zigbe2mqtt because I have Xiaomi gateway v2 (with open 9898 port), but it doesn’t work because the official instruction is outdated and doesn’t show how to connect it with the last version of MIhome (need developer key) and openhub3. More than a month can’t connect Xiaomi Zigbee device to OH3 it is very hard for me, no normal tutorial, all information outdated((( so help is appreciated

a little update: when I chenge option homeassistant to true (in file /opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/configuration.yaml
), items are appear in inbox menu ( . but when i add them , they are not work :sob:

Not step by step for your specific device, but this tutorial is for a bulb via zigbee2mqtt into OH3.

Use mqtt.fx and the zigbee2mqtt device page to find out the correct topics to subscribe to and messages to send/receive.