Need help with setting temps via xml

Hi guys,
i want to be able to set desired roomtemperatures on my Moelenhoff Alpha 2.
Here you see the documentation (german, sry :wink:
Alpha2-XML-Schnittstellenbeschreibung_de.pdf (475.5 KB)

Sorry for reposting my problem, but in the other threat i found, nobody seems to recocnize it.

As far as i understand (newbie), the temperatures can be set via an xml and with the help of the http-binding.
I tried, what shorty707 posted here: Möhlenhoff Alpha BUS - Solution
Unfortunateley it does not work. I am sure, i made a mistake somewhere but i am not able to find it.
As far as i understand the Moelenhoff documentation, this is, what should be posted to when setting the temp i.e. to 20.6.

Here all i have done:
Running on OH 3.2.0
JSONtransformation service is installed
Log gives me an error i dont understand. „in 25.0“ is the value, i tried to set via the sitemap.

2022-08-26 22:02:56.250 [WARN ] [.transform.SingleValueTransformation] - Executing transformation ChannelStateTransformation{pattern='Alpha2_FBH_WC.js', serviceName='JSONPATH'} failed: Invalid path 'Alpha2_FBH_WC.js' in '25.0'

EDIT: I changed the channel and linked item to STRING. Now, i dońt get the error anymore. But still the tempvalue in the Moelenhoff UI does not change.


UID: http:url:d85bf36e84
label: TestHeizungSet
thingTypeUID: http:url
  authMode: BASIC
  ignoreSSLErrors: false
  delay: 0
  stateMethod: GET
  refresh: 30
  commandMethod: POST
  contentType: application/xml
  timeout: 3000
  bufferSize: 2048
  - id: TestSetTempWC
    channelTypeUID: http:number
    label: Test Set Temp WC
    description: ""
      mode: WRITEONLY
      commandTransformation: JSONPATH:Alpha2_FBH_WC.js

I put a scriptfile into the transformation folder. Here i am not sure, everything is right.
I created a textfile called Alpha2_FBH_WC.js. Here the content:

(function(i) {
    var str1 = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?> <Devices> <Device> <ID>HKV147</ID> <HEATAREA nr=\"8\"> <T_TARGET>";
    var str3 = "</T_TARGET> </HEATAREA> </Device> </Devices>";
    result = str1 + i + str3;
    return result;

Thank you for everything :wink:

Did you try to use curl command on command line to first check if the preparation of the XML file is correct and if you can set the value ?

@Wolfgang_S no, I didn’t. And sadly I don’t know how to do it;)
Could you try to point me in the right direction?
Thank you

Have a look at e.g.

You can’t give a script filename as a parameter to a JSONPATH transformation.
JSONPATH just extracts data from a chunk of JSON.
The JS transformation runs scripts; these are different transformation services.