Need help!

I’m new to all of this and I’m not understanding the basics…
I want to run openhab2 on my windows 10 pc and start with the MYQ binding if that makes sense. I’ve installed openhab2 and in runs in command window. I can open the web page and I’ve started with paper UI - network device. When I try to install the MyQ binding, nothing shows up in the config. I see posts about manually installing a jar file, however this command:cd /usr/share/openhab2/addons is not working. I’ve opened in SSH, however I get: Command not found: cd

Using username “openhab”.
SSH server: Password authentication
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Send automatic password (Using keyboard-interactive authentication)

                      __  _____    ____

____ ____ ___ ____ / / / / | / __ )
/ __ / __ / _ / __ / // / /| | / __ |
/ /
/ / // / __/ / / / __ / ___ |/ // /
_/ ./_// /// /// |/_____/
/_/ 2.1.0
- release build -

Hit ‘’ for a list of available commands
and ‘[cmd] --help’ for help on a specific command.
Hit ‘’ or type ‘system:shutdown’ or ‘logout’ to shutdown openHAB.

openhab> cd /usr/openhab2/addons
Command not found: cd

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

When you run OH, the openhab> prompt shows up to tell you you’re in the Karaf console.

You can’t do a cd command from the Karaf console. You’ll need to start a new shell window for that.

Okay, I thought I did - using putty to access the menu.

Please pay attention for what operating system the manual or forum posts are about. They mostly deal with a Linux system on a raspberry pi. Windows has a different file structure. There is no /usr/share etc. Open the file explorer, navigate to the install dir and drop the jar file into the addons folder.

Cheers David

I see, so I’ve done that, now I need to run the file? or how do I see the config files in paper UI. Thanks

You can’t “run the file”.

You should read these:

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I’ve installed java and smart home designer, did the first time-setup and added a few bindings. I’ve spent 14hrs straight trying to follow videos and forms but it’s a lot at once. I’m stuck at creating a sitemap:

How do I create these files in windows 10?
conf/items <-- *.items files
conf/sitemaps <-- *.sitemap files

I believe you can use designer, though I’ve never done so.

Any text editor can be used (notepad, ultraedit, etc)

Okay, I’ll look more into it. Thank for your help! I’m not too bad with computers and PLC programing, however java code is completely new to me. I just really like the idea of customization and one app for all devices.

When I was first learning OH, the demo was extremely helpful. Especially to look through the files and see how things worked. After playing with things until it was completely broken, a copy/paste put it all back the way it was.

If seeing the files to look through them is enough for you, the demo items and sitemap files can also be found in Github.

The User Manual has information to help you with the configuration of the binding:
If you installed the binding in PaperUI, you should already have a openhab\conf\services\myq.cfg. This is a 1.x binding, so it has a configuration file. 2.x bindings are configured through PaperUI or Habmin.