Need Rule on OH3

Since the migration to OH3, I just can not manage my existing rule.

Due to missing knowledge and time, i hope that someone will offer his services.

I need a Window open reminder rule with outside temperature reference dependency.
It should have a output with the name of the open window and a cancel if windows are close before timer expires.

for example.
If it is less 10 degrees then reminder in 10 minutes.
If it more 20 degrees then reminder in 20 minutes

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone.

Fg / Best regards

Use the search, there will be some exampleas for such a rule.

Hello Hans-Jörg,

I’ve been trying to build the rule for OH3 from various posts for a while. I watched also various YouTube videos.
For OH2 I was still able to build the rule from various posts.

But for non-developers it is not so easy.
A clear blueprint category would definitely help´s people here.

But because I got stuck and and my frustration has grown very strongly, I posted on the marketplace in the hope that someone would help for a payment.

There is no marketplace for rules. Please show us what you already have tried and what errors you see. Someone will shurely step in and give you help/advise, but we are not creating your rules from scratch, as you will not learn anything from it.

@moderators Please move this topic to rules category, I don’t have the powers to do this (or did not find the way to do so)


I’m certain you will find lots of people who are willing to help with the missing knowledge, but not the time. We are all short on time and are not inclined to just do it for you because then you’ll just come back the next time you want to do something and we have to spend more time doing that for you. In the end everyone is unhappy.

Post your existing rule. Except for a few minor breaking changes between OH 2 and OH 3 your existing rule should work as written. But since this rule is likely to be using a Timer, you are probable seeing a problem with DateTime which has been replaced with ZonedDateTime.

To say it another way, OH 3 rules are no different from OH 2 rules. You have more options now in how you can write rules in terms of languages and you can use the UI, but that does not mean .rules files won’t work any more.