Need some guidance on series of time based rules

I am trying to create a widget where I can set 2 points in time for a day and in that period something will be turned on. Example of this would be: 12:30 - 13:30 -> turn something on. Now looking at it like this when you have only 1 period its pretty simple. I need one item to hold hour and another to hold minute .But I would like to have 3 periods for each day of the week. Does that mean I need 12 items for each day? How would I group them that would allow elegant rule engine code ?

I think the Design Pattern: Time Of Day and one of the Individual Alarm clock for each Day of week, with adjustable duration examples would be helpful here but even with that you indeed will have to have 12 Items for each day unless there is a custom HABpanel Widget that can populate a DateTime Item directly.