Need some help moving to another machine (windows)

Hi i am using win10, and Runing OH2.2
i want to move to another machine what is the best way to back up and restore OH
once i will have it runing on the new machine?

i have tried V2P and had no luck :frowning:
anyone can think of a good idea?

i have tried using some of the posts here but some commands seems not to work for my karaf OH

Hi everything you need should be in the manual

Have you tried just copying the main OH folder over to the new machine?
then use the start.bat to launch OH

Are you moving from Win10 to Win10 ?

I have successfully launched my OH on a separate machine doing so

you will need to install java on the new machine first the new machine will need too meet the prerequisites

also see

but mainly see

you may also need to download OH v2.2 the zip version copy it too your new machine unzip and launch OH let it run close it and replace the contents of the zip with your files

acctully it is the same machine that i ported to VM(for backup)
then pysical crashed … wanted to restore with V2P but no luck
so i am taking the OH from the VM and putting it back on the pysical that it came from
after a fresh W10 install,java and all the rest

i know very long way, but i was lucky enough to back it all up!

thanks i will do as above and let you know

it worked thanks so much for inputs!

No Worries glad too help can you mark this as solved pls

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