Need some help please with temperature format in habpanel

  • Platform information:
    • Intel i3
    • OS: Win10
    • Azul Java SDK 16
    • openHAB version: 3.0.1
  • Try to format the Temperature in Habpanel to show only one digit (10.3 °C) instead of 2 digits (10.34 °C)

I use the Openweathermap Binding. In the Item OneCallAPIweatherandforcast_Current_Temperatur the Value is shown with 2 digits, like 10.61 °C.
If i create a TestPage and display the Item there, it is displayed as 10.6 °C which is fine.
But i try to use this in habpanel (to show an overview of all relevant things on a wall mounted tablet) the Item is displayed as 10.61 °C
In the Habpanel i have used this code:

{{itemValue("OneCallAPIweatherandforecast_Current_Temperatur')}} to show the Value. I read a lot of posts the last days, and try a lot of things to format the Value, but was not successful... Maybe someone could show me how to format the value. Thank you !

Did you try to add a State Description with %.1f %unit% or %.2f %unit% (one or two decimals).
Never used habpanel but it worked for someone else i know.

I tried to add a pattern at the Item, but this did not change anything.
Is there any other place where i could add the State Description?
Until now i didn’t add any textfile (.map or .item) or something like this.

HABpanel offers you a choice of using raw Item state or of using server-side formatted state (which will take into account the Item ‘pattern’)


I have the same problem.
I’ve already tried the “Statedescription” metadata, but it doesn’t change anything.

How can I force the widget to use the server-side formatted state?