Need some help to identify/debug a problem with my Raspberry

Hi all,

I do have some problems with my RPI 3B V1.2.

Openhabian was running stable for quite a while on this PI. Then suddenly it was not reachable via network anymore. After a “hard” restart (pulling the power cable) it came back and everything was good for some days. Then again the PI did not respond.

My first guess was the SD Card so I tried it with a new one. But nothing works.
The PI does nothing for quite a time and then the green and red LED start to blink in no specific order. I do not see anything when I attach the PI to a HDMI Monitor and it seems also not connecting the LAN (I cannot see the PI on my routers Web Interface).

I do hear a quit squeak when it is powerde on, which brings me to the result, that it might be a hardware defekt.

Any Ideas what I can do to check the PI?


I once had problems with a Raspberry Pi that were caused by a bad power supply. So I should try another power supply.

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Thanks Diego! This really solved the problem. :grinning: