Need some jump start Please while migrating from fhem

  • Platform information:
    • Raspberry PI with Openhabian Image
    • OpenHab 2
    • CUL Stick, FS20 Sensors

Hi all,

i try to migrate my smarthome components from fhem to openhabian.
While following the QuickSetup Guide and the New User Tutorial, i was able to setup openHAB on my Raspberry and also connect the CUL USB Stick on it, and pair the first sensor (FS20, eq3, HM-SEC-SC-2) with the homematic bridge.

I am using Paper UI and under Control i could see the sensor, with State open (which could be true), but it does not recommend any chaning of the state.

Because i am not sure about the reason for that, i was also using the Network Bridge like the example in the Tutorial. Same there, i could see my Smartphone, with Status online, but did not see any change when i took the phone offline.

I guess that changes maybe only could seen on a sitemap, and decide to go on with the Tutorial here >

but i am not able to create the sitemap files.

Because i am not a Linux Expert, maybe there is another tutorial around where you could point me with a link that i could go on with migrating, because my girlfriend is missing her mails that the clothes washer is ready :slight_smile: or our kids leaving the roof-lights open.

Thank you very much.
And sorry some spelling mistakes, english is not my nature language. Also if this question is already answered somewhere else, it would be very nice if you could give me a link.

Can you post what you have created, please?

You may need to use arping

Ok - i have created nothing at the moment

I tried to go on with the tutorial on creating a sitemap.

But at the first lines i did not know how to create that sitemap of the example.

sitemap default label="My first sitemap"
    Switch item=Presence_Mobile_John label="John's Mobile"
    Switch item=Wallplug_FF_LR_TV label="Wallplug TV"

Have you created an items file in /etc/openhab2/items and added your items?

There are a few YouTubers that have some good tutorials.

They might fill in some of the gaps in the tutorials.

Thank you for the tips you all provided. I will test and check it the next days and report how it goes on.