Need some Openhab settings for a magnetic contact

Jose stay still, shui message was addressed to me I think, not to you but as an advice here because everybody is busy and they will ask you to learn all the stuff which is good if you have time to learn, otherwise you will find your answer in a few months, years or never and you’ll try to find help somewhere else as I did.
So be careful :wink:

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Jose stay still, shui message was addressed to me I think[/quote]

Nope, sorry for the confusion, I think I clearly stated (that’s the reason I used quotes!) that I meant Rich post … and yes, somehow it is also related to you, but never mind, just forget it, it’s not worth the time …


I think you should post a NEW thread. This one is too long, there are many messages (more than 80), and although it may have similarities with your doubts/questions, you can always refer to it addin a link (for example). Otherwise it could be very confusing for a user to read the entire chain.

If you have time/patience to read the whole page, you will conclude Rich has been kind and helpful.

It’s just my opinion.

Have a nice day!

Hi everybody

I will open a new thread.
Thanks for everybody help.


That was an illuminating talk, gentlemen.

You’re Right. There’s a saying:
“I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you”

Here is full tutorial