Need suggestions for making the final move to OpenHAB3

I’ve been slowly migrating over from OpenHab2 to OpenHab3. My OpenHab2 system is running on a PC with Ubuntu operating system and my OpenHab3 system is running on a RPI3 with openhabian. The final thing I would like to move over is the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Z-wave stick to the RPI3. I was using the remote binding on the RPI3 to use the Z-wave from the PC. I was wondering if there is an easy to way to remove the remote binding and all the associated things and items on the OpenHab3 system. After I eliminated the Remote Binding I guess I would then plug the Z-wave stick into the RPI3 and rediscover all the Z-wave items. I would appreciate any suggestions in making this final move.

Do you have any secure Z-Wave devices included securely? That might complicate things.

Thanks for the reply, Bruce. No, I don’t have any secure Z-wave devices. Just Z-wave lights, sensors and siren. So hopefully there won’t be any problems with OpenHab3 discovering all them. Mostly worried about cleaning up the remote binding items and things.

From my understanding the binding is basically the same and we export the database to the OH3 binding when we export to the OH2 one.

If / when I move, I plan on using remoteopenhab and define the Items & rules on OH3. At some point I would install the zawve binding on OH3, move the controller over and rediscover / add the Device things. Then it should just be a matter of relinking the Item channels to the OH3 Things.

Of course I expect there would still be the discovery issue with battery operated devices.

Assuming you want to keep your Items

  1. Go to the Remote openHAB Thing in settings on OH 3.
  2. Click on the Channels tab
  3. Click on “Unlink all Items”
  4. Take note of your secure inclusion key (you may need to recover it from the JSONDB) on your OH 2 instance.
  5. Shutdown OH 2 and move the USB dongle over to OH 3
  6. Install the binding, create and configure the Controller Thing (paste in your secure inclusion key as part of that)
  7. Rediscover all the Things!
  8. Relink the Channels on your Things to the existing Items.

Alternatively you can “Unlink all and Remove all Items” which will also delete the Items. Then you can use the “Create Equipment from Thing” on the model to recreate your Items linked to the Zwave Thing which I find to be less work than relinking everything one by one.

And as mentioned, the battery powered devices will need to be woken up to be rediscovered as usual. But if you keep the same secure inclusion password your already securely included devices will be rediscovered and included properly. In my case they now work even better. For the longest time my deadbolts wouldn’t remotely open and close but after moving to OH 3 they work again (and then I had to go and remove those Items again because I don’t want my deadbolts to be remotely operated, I just want the battery status).

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Is the secure inclusion key the same as the network security key? I see that number on my z-wave controller thing in Openhab2. I backed up my Openhab2 computer with the command:
sudo $OPENHAB_RUNTIME/bin/backup
Can I back up Openhab3 with the same command in case I mess something up.

I think yes, it’s the same key. I did this quite some time ago so I don’t remember.

That backup command should work in OH 3.