Need to add MCO Home MH-S511 to database

I’m new to OpenHab but loving it! Thanks for all your great work.
I have a Z-wave switch from MCO Home which doesn’t appear in the data base and I’m wondering how to get it added? The data base shows the MH-S512 which is the dual switch version but not the MH-S511 single switch version. (It does show an MH-S511-iL but this is obviously a slightly different product.)

The Inbox shows
Z-Wave Node 010 (015F:5111:5103:5.5)
Unknown Device

Data sheet for my device can be found here…

Any help would be really appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


We have a community maintained database. If you wish to try and add it the guide is here.

Otherwise, posting the xml file generated for your device in the zwave folder under userdata would be helpful, along with a pdf link to the manual, if possible.

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Thanks Bruce. I’ll have a go myself. Failing that I’ll post XML/pdf as suggested.


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