Need to change keystore password in openhab2


I want to upgrade my OH to OH2. My problem is I want to use my keystore and trustore with OH2.

It’s not very clear to me where I put my conf to tell Karaf , my keystore password , etc…

Someone know where is store the default password of the keystore ?

I do some more tests.

I was thinking it was in userdata but it seems it is in “runtime/etc/jetty.xml”

Can someone confirm ?

edit: I don’t like that, the jetty.xml isn’t in userdata so If I want to modify this file, the next time there is an update, this file will be erased.

Why jetty.xml file is’nt stored in userdata ?

Given that OH 2 does not support authorization and authentication yet, what is the keystore for?

What version of OH are you using? With recent versions (Beta5 and later) jetty.xml is stored in userdata/etc and those files do not get overwritten during an update.

You’re right, not very important for the moment. I don’t reflect on that and make my keystore and truststore copy.

Sorry, I’m using OH2 stable version (from web site) and do a manual installation. ok I see the jetty.xml in userdata.
But, it’s not the same as the jetty file in runtime. Is this a sort of include or nothing at all ?

Just for understanding.

If I let the original “jetty.xml” in runtime/etc and modify my “userdata/etc/jetty.xml” it isn’t working, there are an password error.

If I modify the runtime/etc/jetty.xml, it’s working.

If I read the file “org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg” in userdata/etc, I can see this option:

# location of jetty config
org.ops4j.pax.web.config.file = ${openhab.runtime}/etc/jetty.xml

So OH2 don’t read in userdata but in runtime no ? How to know what the variable " ${openhab.runtime}/" return ?

I don’t know and it may be the case that the jetty config is only half implemented at this point.

Thank you for your answer. So wait and see.