NEEO Remote Binding/Transport

(Tim Roberts) #322

Ah - that screen shot was what I was needing. You’ll definitely need to specify the command to send (misunderstood what you meant earlier on this). In the command, enter what you’d enter in the basicui - looks like “on” for the on and I’m betting “off” for the off. Essentially what you are doing is creating a button on NEEO and when it’s pressed, you want “on” sent to the underlying channel - so you’d need to put “on” into the command field…

(Rashmi Patel) #323


got it working using global cache IP2SL, now onto the next issue.

I am trying to figure out how to get denon control using denon/marantz binding. I have found my device via autodiscovery and have the power, source input, volume, mute working in paperUI but I am trying to get it to work using Neeo binding.

Since the Input source is a String, how do I code it in the .items file so that I can select each of the input types in my neeo binding? I have successfully done it with power and mute.

Also say I have a xfinity recipe (start tv, select hdmi3 input on tv, turn on xfinity, turn on denon receiver to cbl/sat input), how do I shut everything off using the hard button for off? How do you do this?


(Tim Roberts) #324

Note: alot of what you are asking is in the readme file in the first post…

Input Source - nothing to do in the .items file. In the NEEO transport things page - on the input source, choose “List” as the type - then press the list button. You can then specify the value/label combos you need (so whatever value the input source needs and then the label that shows up on the remote).

Power - you need to map the power channel to a “Power” type and duplicate it and assign the second item to “Switch” and choose the “Power On/Off” combo. That hooks everything up to the power switch (so the device is turned on by executing the recipe and turned off by the hard button or recipe off button)

(Rashmi Patel) #325

Thanks, so to get input source to work I had to make a List and then also add it as a switch to include it apart of my recipe to watch tv, where it needs to select SAT/CBL as input on receiver.

Just a quick question, how do I go about using the volume hard buttons on my remote to control the reciever, I am using the denon/marantz binding and they have a slider for volume control. I tried to assign it assign it as a switch/button but when I activate it, volume jumps to only 100 (max) and can’t increment how I am using the receiver remote.


(Tim Roberts) #326

Look above at the @DiLucca comments about the slider - it should be fixed in the latest version (assuming you aren’t using the one I posted last)? If not, I’ll need the debug logs when you change the slider to see what’s going on

(DiLucca) #327


No worries, I’ve tried all with no luck (intermittent work). I’m using a RPi3. I think it’s just NEEO Search being buggy.

(Rashmi Patel) #328


So my denon/marantz binding is working on the paperUI, but in the neeo transport how do I assign it to the hard buttons for volume up and down?

since it is defined as a dimmer it gives values of 0 and 100, but when I change it to button type and assign one for volume up and volume down and test it, it doesn’t do anything. I am not able to control it via the remote.

Am I missing something?


(Tim Roberts) #329

What you want to do is change the type to a ‘switch’ and assign it to the volumes in the dropdown. A ‘switch’ on a dimmer will assign INCREASE/DECREASE commands to the up/down buttons (or you can individually assign each button and the command be “INCREASE” and “DECREASE”). Assigning a “1” will simply change the volume to “1” each time you press it (it’s not an increase or decrease but a hard value).

(Tim Roberts) #330

The search isn’t buggy - should work each time. Once question - is your RPI3 assigned to a static IP address? Needs to be assigned to a static IP since the brain will call back that IP (and if you’re IP changes, the brain can’t call back to it).

(DiLucca) #331


Yes, it’s a static IP. The odd thing is that the results are erratic within the same Search session. ie I try to search for ‘openhab’ and get nothing, but then I remove a couple of characters (ie ‘openh’) and get all the devices to show up. By using this ‘trick’ I’m eventually able to add the devices. I was not able to establish any pattern for this behaviour, that’s why I thought some ‘timeout’ function may be involved. Anyway looks like I’m the only one with this issue so no worries here.

(Tim Roberts) #332

Bring up the debug log for the transport - everytime you search, you should see a search message in the log. If you see a search log message but nothing shows on the brain - that would be an issue of some sort…

(Tim Roberts) #333

Just giving everyone a heads up - looks like the binding/transport will be finally merged (just finished the review process, I’m going through full testing and will be approved/merged shortly thereafter) and will show up in the 2.4 snapshot. I’ll let you know when that happens.

However - the downside is that the binding thing UIDs and channels UIDS have completely changed. You will need to drop and rediscover everything (brains, rooms, devices) and make changes to any rules you have. In addition, if you have multiple brains and have exposed one brains devices to another brain (via the transport) - you’ll need to drop/delete and redefined/readd those as well (since the underlying channel uids have changed).

EDIT: I can’t give you a preview either - the binding/transport now depend on 2.4 features.

(Tim Roberts) #334

FYI - the binding/transport has been merged with 2.4 (the code depends on 2.4 as well). You can find it in the 2.4 snapshot or wait until 2.4 has been released.

A few notes:

  1. NEEO Transport has been renamed to NEEO Integration
  2. Please uninstall both (“bundle:uninstall” and “bundle:uninstall org.openhab.binding.neeo” from the console then delete the associated jar files from the addons directory) before installing the new code
  3. The thing UIDs and channel UIDs have changed in the binding - so you’ll need to DROP all existing devices and rediscover (or look at the README and update your thing/items files with the new UID pattern).
  4. If you use the NEEO Integration to expose one brain’s devices to another brain (via the NEEO Binding), you’ll need to drop those devices from the NEEO Brain, restore the definitions in the NEEO Integration and recreate them (because the binding’s UIDs have changed).

I’m on vacation right now - will answer any questions in a week and will update the first note with the new stuff then as well…

(Rashmi Patel) #335

@tmrobert8 or anyone who has implemented roku IP control

Quick question, I am going to install the Neeo SDK so I can use Roku IP control (, can I install it on the same raspberry pi as openhab/your binding and transport?

Also once I have SDK installed and it finds my Neeo brain, is there a way for me to use your binding/transport to create buttons/shortcut on the actual remote when I add the device? If so, how?


(Tim Roberts) #336

Yes you can absolutely install the SDK & Roku driver along side openHAB. I’m not sure what you meant by the second part - the SDK/Roku driver would be separate from the openHAB binding/integration. If you wanted to create buttons on the remote for the SDK/Roku driver, you’d simply modify the Roku driver (index.js) to add those buttons. The binding/integration is kinda separate…

(Markus Marbach) #337

@tmrobert8, really appreciate your time and efforts. I’ve implemented this with my NEEO and it works perfectly with my Marantz NR1506. Exposed everything I can of the standard DenonMarantz binding via your Neeo binding.

One of the new features in your latest release are List Neeo types. I’ve tried to use it but I was wondering whether you could elaborate a bit on this. And maybe provide a typical use case for Lists. One use case I’m trying to achieve is a list of favourite internet radio stations for directly launching them. Marantz has specific codes for this and the DenonMarantz binding allows sending custom codes. It would also be great to explain the thumbnailUri. Can this be both an external source or a Neeo Brain location for internal icons?

Another option of course would be a way to fetch the Favourites and display it as a Neeo list type. Again, there are Marantz codes available for fetching such a list.

The other thing which bothers me is the small size of track/album/artist display on the remote. I know this has nothing to do with your binding but I read somewhere that it might be controllable via the Neeo API. Would be great if you could expose this in your binding if this is at all possible.

Other than that, I’m really impressed and happy with your Neeo Binding and Settings app in openHAB. Really worked well once I got the hang of it. Well done and keep up the fantastic work.

(Tim Roberts) #338


The use case that I use it for - Russound (whole house audio) has a channel called “Source” where 1 is “AM/FM”, 2 is “Pandora”, 3 …

What I’ve done is specify the “Source” channel as a list and then mapped the values above in the list setup. On the NEEO remote, I then only have to hit the “Source” icon and it presents the list of “AM/FM”, “Pandora”, etc - I just have to select the list item I want the source to be and the value for the source (1,2,3) is sent to the channel.

If the DENON doesn’t have exactly this functionality (ie more complicated to set a favorite) - you could create a virtual item as a list - assign your own values/names and use a rule to set what you need

As for size - we have NO control over the list item size of the image nor the size of the text at this time.

(B R) #339


First, this work is awesome and has closed a huge gap for me. I’ve been using the implementation in the 2.4 market and it’s working very well. Thank you for your efforts!

The only feature I am hoping you could add is something to push updates to the Neeo so I don’t have to delete and re-add the device every time. This is especially important for the virtual things. I’m finding that as time goes on and I learn more I’m adding extra items. This requires me to delete the device from the remote which removes all of my configurations (recipes, shortcuts, etc). Any chance on this being something possible?

(DiLucca) #340

Hi @tmrobert8, couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible to install (somehow) the new binding/transport under 2.3?
  2. (with the prev release) I’m unable to get any device to show under the NEEO Device Search. I can see the search messages in the log, and the respective requests do return a JSON object, but it takes the RPI3 around 6 seconds. Could this be a timeout issue?

(B R) #341

Was the slider issue ever resolved? I am having the same issue right now on my remote. I can see the app updating without any issues when OH updates the field. I can also update a text label with the correct info. The slider on the remote however never changes. That being said, if I move the slider on the remote it does update the item correctly in OH.