Neo CoolCam Door Sensor 003:1082

  • Raspberry 3 with openhab 2 / Z-Stick Gen5

I use an NeoCoolCam Door Sensor (Device Shenzen Neo Electronics Co., LTD Type 0003:1082)

The device has been included via Habmin and is visible in the system.
It is also possible to update the device via tripple click and this is also shown in the log file. The problem is that the door open/close contact is not realized by openhab.

I only use the “Door open” item and nothing else. It is configured as a contact , as I wrote that a switch will not work.

Is there any idea or experience regarding the problem. I searched the forum, but it seems that this problem is not very usual. As said, inclusion was no problem.
I also deleted the system and installed it completely new with the last openhab version.

Thanks for any advice


Neo Coolcam seems to vary in their hardware and the included documentation is not necessarily correct. I bought 3 identical PIR sensors. Only one has the temperature feature

Perhaps your particular sensor does not have that feature.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for maybe not being exact enough. I now that there is no temperature feature. I just looking for the open close status. I can update the device and it is shown in the log file. If I bring a magnet close to it, the red LED is flashing, but no reaction in the log file, that’s my problem.
I brought the controller to the “Lifeline” association group, didn’t help.

I think that it is only a small thing I’m missing, but I just can not find it.


I had the same issue. Sensor was recognized (channels were also automatically detected) and the red light is blinking when moving the magnet, but still no open/close message were visible in the log. For me the solution was in the configuration of the sensor itself. The wakeup node was not set to 1, which prevented to send status reports to openhab. After setting it to 1 (Which is openhab in my setup) and waking up the sensor manually which caused the sensor to update the configuration, everything worked again.

I know that this is an old topic, but hopefully it still helps somebody.

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thanks for the reply, in the meantime I get it done and it works.

Nevertheless, Thank you for taking the time.