Neo coolcam motion sensor false triggers

Hi all,

I have a neo coolcam motion sensor. the thing is that i get some false motion detections on one of my PIR’s (I have two now, and only one triggers without motion). It happens couple of times per day. It is cold in Poland now where the sensor is located and it is not warm air. So anyone has the same problem ? I will try to decresse the sensivity from the stock setting of 12 and see if it will help. And this leads to another issue. It seems that to change it’s parameter values wakeup button must be pressed. I thouth that if I wait for at least wakeup period, the parameters will update automaticaly during automatic wakeup. But they don’t. Is it normal ?

And last, after 5 months the battery is showing 65%, the theoretical battery life is 1 year so I guess it is ok, but do some parameters will make it live longer ?