Neo Coolcam NAS-PD02Z latest version not in Z-Wave database

I have bought some NAS PD02Z from NEO Coolcam Shenzen shortly. Device shows up during Z-Wave scan but is not recognized in database.

Z-Wave Node xyz (0258:0200:1036:3.3)

I assume that 0h1036 is an updated version.

Device can be found here:

User manual here:

I think I’ll raise an issue in Github?

The device database is updated by members of the community, like yourself. The blog on the DB site explain how this is done. Basically you need access, then write access, then the XML generated by OH and the user manual.

In your case there is a partial entry apparently just missing a manual update. I considered adding the manual for you, but on closer inspection the manual does not align with the partial entries already there. For instance the partial entry looks like it reads humidity, but there is no mention of that in the manual. Also it looks like several parameters need to be added.

An additional complication is that there are three DB entries, two partial (not in the Zwave binding) and one working that all appear to be similar. A couple of questions, is the manual you linked the same as the one included with your device? My guess is the linked manual is an older version. Also could you post the OH generated XML? The working entry has an European manual, where are you, geography-wise?

Hi apella12,

thanx for your explanation, I am from Germany and so I have bought the European version of the Coolcam Sensor. I have already registered and raised a ticket on OpenSmartHouse but did not get any access to add or edit entries.

I have attached the xml file OpenHAB has generated during Z-Wave scan.
The manual I have attached is from here, not the one our of the package:

network_d46f50e7__node_113.xml (11.2 KB)

The maintainer/developer of Zwave is on holiday with limited access to the internet, so that is the reason for the delay.

The package manual will be needed to get the parameters correct and finish the partial. This is the state of the partial entry with your ID numbers

EDIT: Compared OH XML to the DB XML export. The channels look ok. Parameters (which are not added by the XML upload) need to be added. Your linked manuals have 9 parameters and there is only one configured in the partial. Interesting that the other DB entries have 13 or 16 parameters. That is why I’m skeptical about the manual. How many parameters are defined in the manual from the package?

I made a quick scan of the parameters section in the manual from the box.
Sorry for bad quality. I count 16 parameters.

NAS_PD02Z - Parameters.pdf (249.3 KB)

Just a word of caution:
Neo Coolcam is known to deliver manuals that do not match the firmware (New Z-Wave hardware: Neo Coolcam PIR 5 in 1, NAS-PD07Z - #21 by Ap15e).

Definitely seems to be the case here.

Hi Ap15e,
you’re right, I cannot be sure that the printed manual from the box matches the firmware revision but I think most likely it does. However I do not have any other source and the manual I have found on is severly outdated. Neo coolcam does not offer the manuals on their website but I’ll write an email to their contact address.

The device will not be approved until a manual is uploaded. That appears to be why this was not already active, even though only one parameter was defined. My advice, when you get write access is to scan the manual that came with the device, like you did for the parameters. It doesn’t make sense to me to define 16 parameters then attach a manual with only 9 described. I think the quality of your scan is fine.

Thank you very much for your assistance - I will scan the complete manual and upload to OpenSmartHouse. BTW the parameter description in the partly scan shows 16 parameters, not only 9 - the pdf has 2 pages!

Not the official reviewer, but did glance at your DB update. Looks good, except I’m surprised you zapped the humidity channel. I recall it was part of the incomplete entry and your xml shows the device does report it. Just saying…

You’re right it’s somewhat misleading - neither the printed user manual nor the web site promotion states a humidity sensor and also there’s no opening in the housing
needed for humidity sensing.
The xml file however shows this entry:


Here’s the brochure:

So my conclusion was that there is no humidity sensor implemented and the xml entry might refer to a new version coming up or any non official firmware.
Instead of having a “dead” channel I decided to kick that out.

@apella12 - do I have do do anything else than click “request review” in the
OpenSmartHouse database?

No. The reviewer has been on holiday. Should be in by weekend.

Device is now in the database, thanx to the maintainer and supporters. I have updated to latest snapshot #3111 and rescanned my Z-Wave devices and the sensor showed up correctly. Find xml atatched.
network_d46f50e7__node_113.xml (15.5 KB)

The only issue I have found so far is that there are no neigbours listed as it should be after a nightly heal. However that might take some time so I will watch and report if necessary.

You might want to close the github issue for good order (I’m assuming that was you :wink:)

Sorry, missed that - just have closed the issue in github