Neo coolcam pir sensor bad parameters description

I see that in the zwave device database ( there is an error in parameter 6 description, the range of the parameter should be 5 to 120 not 1 to 8. This makes impossible to set higher values than 8 in habmin.

It seems there are multiple versions - we may need to create a new database entry for the two. Which version do you have (ie which firmware version is displayed in the properties)?

habmin says it is 3.80

Do you have documentation for this version? Currently I see 2 versions - one unnumbered, and one says it’s 3.2. We need to find out what the versions are, and what the differences are so we can get the database correct.

hmm, I only have a pdf from the site of my distributor:

So this looks consistent with the database isn’t it (at least for parameter 6 which you posted about)?

hmm, You’re right … but in this one ( it says the range is 5 to 120 s … this was the cause of my confusion :slight_smile: I checked also in the manual from the pir box I received and there is also the range 1-8s, so I guess the values in the habmin are correct after all.