Neo coolcam z-wave devices

I prefer regular existing wall switches. You can add a spring to make them monostable.
You will see in openhab when you press the physical button on the wall, the status in openhab should be updated, otherwise you have configured it wrong.

Basically you are wrong about the status in OH. If you use bistable or monostable does not matter the status is still updated in the OH GUI.

In my house I use all existing wallswitches, but I do have a couple of wallmotes as well. Think they cost about 40euros and comes with a CR2012 battery, didn’t manage to find any but the popp one is similar:

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Door/Window sensor stopped showing/reporting the battey-level after update to 2.5 Binding.
The door open/close are working as usual.

Anyone? please.

I can take a look after @chris is ready for us to edit the database again.
It appears that somebody forgot to add all the configuration parameters.

It’s no problem to edit the database at the moment - I just wanted to avoid approving any changes just now while I was trying to correlate the “full re-release” changes.

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I’ll try to get to it either during lunch or this evening.

I just looked quickly & the parameters there look strange. I need to review the groups & compare with the manual. It should be definitive.

EDIT : Groups are wrong compared to the manual. @chris should I update the config & associations to match the manual? Perhaps it was originally set up ad a non-plus device.

Is this the water sensor you’re looking at (device 493?).

Yes. Config descriptions do not match.
Manual says Group 1 is Lifeline but 2 is marked as Controller in our database.
I do not want to totally break some people, hence the request for direction.

It’s a bit of a mess in the manual (unless I’m mistaken)…

In the same manual, it states -:

and then a little later -:

The database has the first set of two parameters,

I’m not sure what this means as they can’t both be right :confounded:

For groups I would use what’s in the manual. It is a requirement in ZWave plus devices for the lifeline to be group 1, so the manual seems to be right in this respect at least -:

The Image & manual we have is different that the image & manual from ZWA. @chris Perhaps use that manual as authoritative?

I think the first configurations you posted may be general. Parameter 1 mentions 2 different options depending on whether the device is a switch(binary) or dimmer(multilevel). This device is neither. but I see it listed as parameter 7 anyway (?)

I think we can safely use the later settings. They basically agree with the manual on OZA and the configuration used by OZW. OZW also groups the 2 devices in our entry together.

EDIT: Please delete the options for parameter 1. I labeled them as “remove”

EDIT2: Ready for review after parameter 1 options are removed.I will not request review in the database at this time.

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Thanks @Bruce_Osborne I’ve removed the options.

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Do have any experiences with z-wave Neo wall switch? Working good, stable with OH? Thanks!

I have not but based on my experiences with their motion sensors and trying to get a warranty replacement I would tend to avoid Coolcam devices.

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I have the single channel version of the z-wave Neo wall switch (UK/EU version) in use for ~12 months. Working fine with openhab 2.4.

I’ve not had issues with the motion sensor FWIW, but perhaps there are different models. I do know the instructions didn’t match the device (which seems a common theme!) but does work fine for me with openhab.

I have read lots of bad experience about the Neo motion sensor that is way ask it, but the price of wall switch is very good.

Thank you, I will order one and I will test it. I need lots of wall switch in our new house.
Either I will buy any Z-wave wall switch or normal switch + fibaro smart switch. Both can be an option.

If you are in the US region, I prefer Zooz.
Actually my first switch developed a physical switch issue and they replaced it with a pre-tested unit very quickly. I have 1 Zooz connected with a conventional switch to control a staircase light from 2 locations.

No, I live in Hungary (Europe). I’m looking for a better z-wave wall switch option than ~70Euro/pc, but I have found only the Neo switches until today.