Neo coolcam z-wave devices

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(vossivossi) #141

I have to admit that I never really checked the source code of your binding. However I would still assume that it is a “one time” mess to implement the channel and then thousands of users with hundred thousands of items would immediately benefit from it. Without the channel every user is doing the mess again for every item in millions of lines of local rule code - just to get a very basic and at the same very useful function.
This is towards my mind another ugly example of weird OH2 design decisions which is from a user perspective a pure functional degression and leads to frustrated users feeling they have to spend too much time for their OH2 installation. Anbother example for thiese ugly things is for example the still muissing password security with Oh2 and so on,…

(Chris Jackson) #142

Yes, of course - but you missed the real point. If the issue were just a case of adding a feature to the binding, then yes, I would completely agree - adding it to the binding would be best.

However, the point is that adding it to every binding is not the right thing to do. This is a general requirement you have - not a ZWave issue, and it should (IMO) be solved more generally so it’s available to all bindings. Or are you trying to also convince the authors of the other bindings you are using to also add this?

There are lots of things I could add to the binding, but if proper design principals are not followed, then we end up in a mess.

I agree - but why don’t you make your point to the core developers (have you raised this in the issue list even)? Otherwise you need to convince every binding developer to implement this - sorry, but it is not reasonable to expect me as a binding developer to solve deficiencies in other parts of the system. Of course if the system designers think this is the best solution, I’d be happy to look at adding it.

“Missing features” are simply features no-one has coded. Unfortunately these things do take time, and features need to be prioritised. It would be nice if everyones missing features were instantly available :wink:

(vossivossi) #143

I agree with you that it is wrong to address this point to you in the role of a binding developer. And I also admit that I am getting off topic in this thread.
It is just frustrating to see that a worship of so called architectural design principles is priorized to a good functional scope and user experience. We make it very hard for users to like OH2 and get along with it - on numerous construction sites. But as you said this needs to be addressed to other people than you, sorry for discussing this here in the thread.

(aleph zero) #144

Hi there guys,
I have both the Power Plug and the Door/Window sensor from Neo Coolcam.

The Power Plug worked like a charm since first try.
The Door/Window sensor also works, but something weird happens:

  • At first it wasn’t fully recognized (i.e., recognized as “Unknown device”), but it was my fault, as I only pressed the pairing button once
  • I have then removed the “Unknown Device” thing, and re-paired the device pressing the button three times: successfully recognized as Door/Window sensor
  • It kinda detects when the door is open/close, but sometimes it looses a single opening, with the following pattern:

I open the door - openhab shows the item as open
Then, I close the door, openhab shows the item as closed
Then, I open the door, openhab still shows the item as closed
Then, I close the door, openhab shows the item as closed
Then, I open the door, openhab shows the item as open

…and it keeps cycling like this: it looses one open event every two

Have you ever noticed this kind of behavior? How can I try to troubleshoot it?

(SiHui) #145

If you left the sensor to default settings and are opening and closing within 30 seconds it’s the intended behaviour, see the manual:

Advanced Configuration
1. Configuring the
 OFF Delay
This configuration parameter that
 can be used
 to adjust
 the amount of delay before the 
OFF command is transmitted.
 This parameter can
 be configured with
 the value
 of 0 
through 65535, where 0 means send OFF command immediately and 65535 means 
65535 seconds
 of delay.
On/Off Duration.
Parameter Number: 
Parameter Size: 
2 Byte
Available Settings
0-65535 (in seconds, each
Default Setting: 
30 (s)

(aleph zero) #146

Thanks for the swift reply but I have tried to wait minutes between each open/close, and still get the same result.

(aleph zero) #147

Update: I just reset the sensor and re-paired it, works fine now!

(Helmut Schütt) #148

I’ve got the same issue with 3 of those door sensors, 12 are running without issues.
What have you done (instead of resetting it)?
What do you mean with “re-paired it” it?
Have you done some hardware fixtures?
(I replaced a reed contact (glass tube) but the issue still occurs)

Thank’s a lot in advance


(aleph zero) #149

@helmar74 I have pressed the button of the sensor long enough (10 seconds ?) to reset it, and then performed the pairing by

  1. putting the controller (OH) in scan mode through the Paper UI
  2. putting the device in pairing mode by quickly pressing three times the button

Hope it helps

(aleph zero) #150

@helmar74 I need to correct myself…the device was seeming to work after the procedure I have described, but in a short time the same problem occurred.

I have noticed that, after the device is included into the network, if I press the button three times (on the device only), it will work correctly for a few seconds, and then it will show the problem again.

Also, I have tried to change the Association Group for group 1, setting that to another slave node of my network. Doing this, the device works fine, meaning that I can see the led on the device blinking everytime I open/close the door. Of course, no data is received to the controller and this configuration is not useful. If I put back the Association Group for group 1 to Openhab Controller, it will show the problem again.

@chris @martinvw do you have any idea about why this can happen?

Thanks in advance

(aleph zero) #151

@chris could it be that in the database there is no link to the BASIC class?

Database Link

Endpoint 0 has no command class linked to the basic class.

The manual of the sensor states:

The Door Sensor supports two linkage groups:
Linkage group 1 is assigned to the device status - sending the BASIC SET control
frame to the associated devices having detected motion

(Chris Jackson) #152

I don’t think it should matter. Group 1 should be used (the normal lifeline reporting group) and this doesn’t use basic class - it uses the notification class.

I would suggest to try the development version of the binding which handles notifications better. I’m not sure if this will help here as the problem seems a bit strange. I’d also suggest to check logfiles using the log viewer to see exactly what is being received from the device.

(Helmut Schütt) #153


figured out the problem. On defect sensor the capacitor C3 (Bottom Side of circuit board) is missing.
On the functional sensor the capacitor C3 is in place. If the sensor doesn’t send status and I put my finger on the contacts where the capacitor should be it sends the status correctly…
So it’s an hardware failure. I have 3 of those sensor and every one has the same issue and on every sensor C3 is missing on the working the sensors C3 is soldered proberbly!

The pictures (quality isn’t best because I’ve had to use a big zoom factor) shows the missing C3 capacitor:

(aleph zero) #154

Wow @helmar74 great job! By any chance have you also figured out the approx. value of such missing capacitor?

(aleph zero) #155

@helmar74 look at how C3 has been soldered in my device…

(Helmut Schütt) #156

Hi, I’m currently investigating… Will order 100nF and try.
Will take a few days until I get the capacitors… only have 1µF but its to big for soldering :wink:
Will give you Feedback…
Stay tuned :wink:

(Helmut Schütt) #157

In your pictures soldering also looks strange…

(aleph zero) #158

Confirmed: the capacitor was not making contact. Tried to rework it but it has fallen on the floor and was not able to find it anymore. I have then used a 15000pF capacitor (roughy matching the size), and the device works fine! Many thanks for this…

(Helmut Schütt) #159

Thanks for the feedback… will order that one…

(Helmut Schütt) #160

fyi: The Size should be 0603: