Neo wifi PIR motion sensor

Hello guys,
I have lots of confusion in my mind. I just got a Neo wifi PIR motion (please note this is not Neo Coolcam and does not support the ZWave protocol, only wifi).
My Aeotec Z-Stick cannot bind the PIR (neither manually nor automatically).
I can do the binding only by using the Tuya app.

Can I bind the PIR via OpenHab in any ways?! I guess part of the binding process is to identify the unconfigured device, pass the AP wifi settings (SSID+WPA key) and then control it or receive events.

This is the PIR:

I do not see a Tuya add-on.So you will need to find out if there is a REST API you can access provided by Tuya in which case you can use the HTTP binding to interact with this device. Or find someone who has reverse engineered the API and posted code that interacts with this device. You can call this code using the Exec binding.

Do I need to use Tuya?
I am asking because the seller suggests to do so from a mobile phone but I thought perhaps there is a standard binding protocol to connect OpenHAB to an AP mode enabled device. Afterall this PIR is not a Tuya specific product.

Have you got it man, somehow?
Me too getting the same hardware today and guessing there’s a way to integrate it in OH2 but don’t know how