NeoCoolcam PIR - Luminance values dissapear over night?

I do own 4 of these Neo Coolcam PIR - these without temperature.
I got them working now “More or less”.

  • At least motion is working absolutely stable
  • Temerature isn´t working for these, that´s known and I don´t need it, channel deactivated
  • Battery % is displayed only sometimes, also re-installation doesn´t help, maybe not so important
  • but Luminance is not stable

and luminance I am using in my rules e.g. motion is only triggering when luminance is <=3
I noticed that over night when luminance is a longer time on “0” the luminance display disappears
in the device. In the morning or when somebody switches the light manually to increase
luminance noticable, the PIR somehow wakes up and the luminance value appears again.

That is a stupid behaviour I would like to change, but how?
The only thing I changed in configuration is manually assigned to Controller otherwise the device
wasn´t working correctly and changed “LUX level changed report to 1”

I also own a few of these. They are cheap, be happy if they work at all. To get reliable lux buy a separate sensor or a fibaro motion detector which is great. You usually don’t need lux values in a lot of different locations. I use one lux sensor indoors and one outdoors.

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I agree. Be thankful if they work and do not eat up batteries. I have one with temperature but did not use that feature. It consumed batteries so bad I replaced it. I have 2 others without temperature that work but I only used the motion feature of the sensors.

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