Neohub Binding Config


I am new to OpenHAB and am trying to get the NeoHub binding working but am having some problems and have searched extensively.

I have taken the hash marks from the lines in the neohub.cfg for refresh rate, IP address and port.

However I am confused from the help page how to to add the item bindings configuration. Are these also added to the neohub.cfg?

I have a Stat called “Front Room” and just want to add a switch to turn it on/off what line do I add to the config and also I don’t know what to do after that as it does not appear in the ‘Things’ page?

Thanks any help would be appreciated.

I’ve been working on cleaning up and moving all the 1.x addon docs into position so they can live at My work in progress has this version which might be clearer for the openHAB 2 user. I would be interested to know if it makes anything clearer or less clear for you.

Thanks for the link.

My thoughts…As I said I am a new user to OpenHAB so there may be some thing that I am missing

The binding configuration is clearer for me since it refers to the correct file, but I don’t know if I need to remove the # from the three lines refresh, IP address and port?

I have added one of the lines from the example to the bottom of the services/neohub.cfg file and have changed the the name for my stat

Switch Heating_Office “Heating Office” {neohub=“Front Room:Heating”}

I have saved this but don’t know where to go now as it does not appear anywhere in the UI?

OK have looked in the logs and the binding has all the correct ip and port details so that is working.

However, I get this

2017-01-26 20:57:50.568 [ERROR] [ding.neohub.internal.NeoHubConnector] - Failed to connect to neohub [host ‘’ port ‘4242’ timeout ‘5000’]

Anyone have any ideas?

If you run all of openHAB in DEBUG mode, or if there are other nearby log lines that might be related, it might show why it failed to connect. Is the device actually listening on port 4242?

Did you manage to resolve this in the end?

I am also new to OpenHAB and am trying to get it to connect to my Neohub and I get the same result.