NEST Binding doesn't run on default-jre

I’ve racked my brain for 2 days now and figured I’d save some folks the same anguish. I recently migrated my openhab setup to a new system (which included a fresh Debian 7 install). Upon installation and dropping my previous configs,add ons, and rules in, everything worked except for my NEST Binding. I checked everything and was puzzled as it all came from a previous nearly identical working environment.

Well, it seems this binding only likes the non-free stuff lol. With no logs, errors, or other indicators why it wouldn’t fire up I started getting desperate. After replacing my Java instance for the Oracle based one, bam! Nest city over here. Hopefully I spare another the “This doesn’t make sense” pain I encountered. Then again, why am I surprised?.. It’s Linux.

Thank you for the report of this issue. Could you edit this post to add the “nest” tag so others could find it more easily? Also, do you mind reporting which specific Java version did not run the Nest binding, so I can research it further?

Many thanks for sharing this in hopes of saving others from frustration!

Hello and yes, I’ll supply my config. :smile: