Nest binding help

Just hooked up my Raspberry Pi and installed OpenHAB. So far the only thing I have is a Nest Thermostat.
I want to get this into OpenHAB but am having issues.
I have the binding for it in the addons folder, so thats good.

Trying to follow the guide at
I created a developer account, but the ‘create client’ portion doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I’m not on the site anymore, but there was something about creating a cloud product. Is that where I need to go?

Or, how else can i get the values I need to plug into the openhab.cfg?

Well, I got the values, and plugged them into the cfg.
But now, I have an value in .items: String home_away “Home/Away [%s]” { nest="=[structures(Home).away]" }
In my sitemap: Switch item=home_away mappings=[home=“Home”,away=“Away”]
But it just shows as label of Home/Away -. Just a dash, no real value. Looks like its not talking to the Nest?

  • See if there are ERROR messages in openhab.log,
  • your structure is named “Home” as you specified (look at
  • Also, what Java version are you running on your RPi?
java -version

My fault. About the stupidest mistake someone could make.
After review log files, triple checking values were entered correctly, reviewing items/sitemaps, etc. Finally realized that I never uncommented the Nest lines in the cfg. Don’t I feel stupid. Its working now.
Thanks for the reply though.

Very happy it’s working! I just fixed the wiki page (thanks for the heads up), since it was based on the old site.