Nest Binding - Sitemap Buttons Not Working?

Not sure exactly what has happened, I could swear I had this working recently… Anyways, when I press the temperature increase or decrease button for my Nest it appears that OH is sending the existing temp value to the Nest API (and not an increase or decrease of 1 degree). Here is a snip from the Nest log while the current temp was set for 68 degrees, and I I tried to increase to 69.

2015-11-29 11:38:33.928 DEBUG o.o.b.n.internal.NestBinding[:322]- About to set property ‘thermostats(Living Room).target_temperature_f’ to ‘68.0’

2015-11-29 11:38:33.930 TRACE o.o.b.n.internal.NestBinding[:327]- Data model for update: DataModel[devices=DataModel.Devices[thermostats={xxxx=Thermostat[device_id=,name=,locale=,software_version=,structure_id=,name=,name_long=,last_connection=,is_online=,can_cool=,can_heat=,is_using_emergency_heat=,has_fan=,fan_timer_active=,fan_timer_timeout=,has_leaf=,temperature_scale=,target_temperature_f=68,target_temperature_c=,target_temperature_high_f=,target_temperature_high_c=,target_temperature_low_f=,target_temperature_low_c=,away_temperature_high_f=,away_temperature_high_c=,away_temperature_low_f=,away_temperature_low_c=,hvac_mode=,ambient_temperature_f=,ambient_temperature_c=,humidity=,hvac_state=]},smoke_co_alarms=],structures=]

2015-11-29 11:38:33.933 TRACE o.o.b.n.i.m.AbstractRequest[:125]- About to execute ‘

2015-11-29 11:38:34.619 TRACE o.o.b.n.i.m.AbstractRequest[:166]- {“devices”:{“thermostats”:{“xxxx”:{“target_temperature_f”:68}}}}

I am still receiving humidity and ambient temperature values back, so I am thinking the connection to Nest is fine. Here is what the corresponding portion of my sitemap looks like (pretty much a straight copy off the Wiki example).

Setpoint item=living_room_target_temperature_f label=“Target Temperature [%.1f °F]” minValue=“45” maxValue=“70” step=“1” visibility=[living_room_hvac_mode==“heat”,living_room_hvac_mode==“cool”]

Setpoint item=living_room_target_temperature_low_f label=“Minimum Temperature [%.1f °F]” minValue=“50” maxValue=“80” step=“1” visibility=[living_room_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]

Setpoint item=living_room_target_temperature_high_f label=“Maximum Temperature [%.1f °F]” minValue=“50” maxValue=“80” step=“1” visibility=[living_room_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]

Thank you for reading! :smiley:

I had a user report for a different binding example that the quote marks around the values for minValue, maxValue and step needed to be removed for the setpoints to work, but I’ve never experienced that and the sitemap I use has the double quote marks without a problem. In any case, I don’t think this is a binding issue. Hopefully someone can offer a suggestion. I did also recently see a report that the iOS client has problems with Setpoints, but I don’t know this to be true from personal experience.

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That was it! I had forgot to mention this was only via the iOS app - web browser was fine. Adjusting the temperature works from both the iOS app and a web browser now that the quotes around the values for minValue, maxValue and step have been removed.

Just to confirm, I’ve been experiencing this for a while. Removing the " around the values of minValue, maxValue and step in the sitemap file has worked a treat.


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