Nest Binding - Streaming Camera

System : Openhab V3 on a Raspberry Pi 4

Dear all,

I am back with my stupid questions; I tried to find the answer by myself in the different posts but did not find it.
I am perhaps or probably trying to do something impossible.

I have 4 NestCams in my house and installed the Nest Binding; I followed the clear and precise instruction I found somewhere in the forum (thanks by the way to the author, this was really helpful), managed to get the binding online, found my 4 cameras, added the Live Stream URL channel and created an item (seems to be a string representing the url) linked to this channel. I was a little bit stupid thinking that I would see the video magically coming from the camera …

My question is, is it possible with the Nest binding, to stream the video to OpenHab ??
I have read somewhere in the forum a post dating back to 2019 explaining that is was not possible but I am not sure if there has been any evolution to the situation.

If you have 2 minutes to spend/lose, I would really appreciate !

Thanks for your patience.


Did you ever solve this?

Unfortunately not and I decided to purchase a Tapoo (TP-Link) C210 camera which does the job; it’s sad as I now have Nest, Ring and TP-Link cameras (and for each a different app of course).