Nest Binding WWN API unable to control fan duration

Openhab 3.4.0
Rpi 4
Nest Binding 3.4.0.

I am still using the Nest binding using the WWN method.

What I noticed is that I can no longer control the Fan Duration.

By default the binding will create the item as a Number:Time item and will show the supported run time selections 15mins to 8 hours. When Leaving at Number:Time the displayed number from the item is using the wrong unit.

Eg when selecting 15 mins, 15 s is displayed for the item.

Nest API error: Cannot set fan_timer_duration to the selected value. See API reference for allowed values.

The above error also shows in the log.

Reconfiguring the item as Number:Dimensionless gets rid of the error and seems to have the item displaying correctly. Selecting 1h shows 1h, 15 min = 15min etc.

But it appears the changes never make it to the API and vice versa.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?