Nest Binding

When I am trying to set up my Nest binding the nest website is not giving me a pin code. It is just saying to accept and redirecting me to a 404 website.

Can you tell us any more about the steps you’re taking to get to this point?

The three possible causes are 1) code problem, 2) documentation (wiki) problem, or 3) network/service problem (access to or something broken on their end). I suspect #3, but the others are certainly possible. Please pass along all you can so we can identify the source of the issue.

Sure I am using the Openhab Wiki instructions and when I paste the Authorization URL into the browser it has me log in just like it describes in the wiki. But has an accept button and when I push it is redirecting me to the redirect website and not giving me a pin code.

When you created your product at, did you enter a “Redirect URI”? The entry field says “OAuth Redirect URI (Leave blank for PIN-based authorization)”. If so, create a new product with no Redirect URI (leave the field blank) and try those new credentials. In any case, I will update the wiki now to clearly state not to enter a Redirect URI.

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