Nest - ETA feature, anyone tried using it?

I was reading through the Nest API reference and found the stuff about giving Nest an ETA, so that the Nest can switch on the heating on at the right time. Has anyone tried implementing this in openHAB? Sounds like it’d be quite a useful thing to have if it would work.

Also, would it be possible to add the has_leaf as an item?

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The ETA mechanism in the Nest API is not currently supported in the Nest binding for openHAB because it’s a special case in the API where multiple values have to be passed in one call, and this does not map well to items. (It also has an odd JSON usage to cancel an ETA.) I think the proper way to support it would be to add a Nest Action bundle with two action methods (one to set an ETA window and one to cancel an ETA).

This is currently supported and would look like this item:

Switch   NestTStatUpstairs_has_leaf "Has Leaf [%s]" {nest="<[thermostats(Upstairs).has_leaf]"}

(It’s read-only, so you could use a Text item=NestTStatUpstairs_has_leaf in your sitemap instead of Switch item=NestTStatUpstairs_has_leaf if you prefer.)

Any news to that ETA feature in openHAB since 2015?