Nest Humidity 5% increments


I’ve recently started plotting my Nest indoor temp / humidity and started to notice that the humidity is only reported (in chart and as number) in 5% increments. For instance, yesterday I logged into the nest website and saw it reported 39% humidity, but openHAB reported 40% (and corresponding graph point). Looking at my graph I see that the data only changes in 5% discrete levels. Not sure if this a bug in openHAB or a limitation of the Nest API? Has anyone else seen this?

This is a limitation of the “official” Nest API. Before it existed and people figured out an “unofficial” way to access Nest, the full precision of temperatures and humidity were accessible. I believe that they round humidity to 5% increments, and temperature to 1°F and 0.5°C, in order to decrease event volumes on the Firebase servers through which the official Nest API is provided. In any case, it’s a known limitation of the Nest API and therefore outside of the control of the binding.

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Too bad, but thanks for the quick reply!