Nest - New Feature: Home/Away assist

Hello all,

Recently got an email from Nest stating that they are have come up with a new feature called Home/Away assist.

Info here:

The short version is that they have changed their accounts so that every family member can have a person specific login, and have a new app to not only allow access w/oi sharing username/passwords, but also use to geo-fence each family member’s home presence. They say that they use the individual home presences along with their product’s built in motion sensors etc to try to determine if anyone is home.

Wondering if anyone has checked this out yet or looked into integrating this into the openHAB Nest Binding? If nothing else, it sounds like it could be another input into our own presence detection algorithms.

I didn’t see any API changes related to this new feature, but if there are any, I will add them to the binding, and this would be a nice addition to presence detection. Thanks for the link!

Has anyone had any success with this new functionality? It seems Skylark works way better at setting Nest home/away.

Isn’t Skylark the opposite of the Nest home/Away assist?

From my quick glance, it looks like Skylark is an app you run on your phone to geofence your house and set the Nest’s home/away status based on your location.

Nest’s Home/Away assist is info flowing the other way, it is the Nest app and input form the Nest’s hardware sensors in your home providing being put through an algorithm on the Nest servers and a signal to openHAB letting you know if it thinks you are home or away.

While openHAB doesn’t try to geofence like Skylark, I have never had an issue with openHAB’s ability to set Nest’s home/away status based on my inputs - either manual or from a rule.