Nest, OpenHab2 and PaperUI

Rather than migrate following the guides from openhab 1 -> 2 I’ve decided to start from scratch and move over bit by bit.

I’ve configured nest and added nest.items. After restarting openhab I can see the items in paper ui, but I can’t figure out how I’m meant to get them into the control list.

As far as I can tell you can only control “things” and since the nest is a 1.x binding it has no things. Does that mean there is no way to get it on the UI?

I think I can create a sitemap and then control the nest from other UI options, but I wanted to try and stick with the new and shiny for now :slight_smile:


If you mean by “UI” PaperUI -> Control: yes, you are correct, that is not possible.
The control section in PaperUI is not meant to be a UI for daily use …

That is one way to go.

The new and shiny one is BasicUI:

and if you want an even shinier one:

Ok, thats good to know! Thanks!