Nest sdm

Has anyone had any luck with the nest sdm? I’ve set it up as instructed. I get the authorization code and input it. I get a notification from Google on my phone that someone is trying to access my account (obviously the sdm), I approve it and everything seems to work… except it doesn’t. I get a configuration error “failed to authorize SDM client. Check code or generate a new one.” I keep doing this but nothing works

I tried multiple times on <OH 3.2 and finally gave up until I tried it again with the new release. I just followed the binding instruction and surprisingly it worked in the first attempt :slight_smile:

Same issue here:

Failed to authorize SDM client. Check the authorization code or generate a new one.

Steps I’ve taken but cannot get an ONLINE status:

  1. Pd the $5
  2. Created Project
  3. Got Project ID, Client ID, Client secret and successfully received authorization code and entered in OH3
  4. Set Google account to allow access to my Nest Project

The only thing that I didn’t do is when I got the authorization code it says to navigate to MyNest and past the code on the MyNest screen. MyNest was WWN prior to the newer SDM.

Am I missing something?