Nest thermostat binding help

OK the binding for the thermostat is driving me crazy. I can get all of the Nest Protects to report properly but not the thermostat. I have looked up the other posts but still nothing. The only part that is working is the home/away button. The name is most likely the problem but I cannot figure out if I have it correct. The structure is home, the name on the site is entryway (nest). I pulled the item information off of got hub along with the sitemap info. None of the temp info is showing. It Al’s will not populate the last connection info. Any help would be greatly appreciate.


If the name of the thermostat is “entryway (nest)”, you have to escape the ( and ) characters as described here. Another alternative to escaping special characters is to rename the thermostat at to remove the special characters, and then use the simpler name in your binding config string.

If your thermostat’s name is “entryway (nest)”, then the item definition

Number ambient "Ambient [%.1f °F]" {nest="<[thermostats(entryway %28nest%29).ambient_temperature_f]"}

would have to be used.

OK that makes sense. One more question if you do not mind. In the nest site it shows the location as Entryway and the labe as Nest. So would that be considered the name for Openhab.

I believe the name directly below the thermostat graphic, spelled exactly but with special characters replaced as described, is what is needed. If you remove the location (Entryway) at and the thermostat’s name is Nest, then your binding string would just contain Nest. But this is obviously just an example, since I cannot see what you see. I hope that helps!

It works. You ROCK!!! Thank you sooo much. I really appreciate it.