Nest Thermostat Binding

Hi there,

Has anyone lately managed to get their Nest Thermostat working?.
I’ve been trying to configure the binding but i’m stuck at a closed Nest Developers program.

I have to register an account but it’s not possible.
Is there another way to get the needed information to get this thing working?. API/0auth ?

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I believe I saw traffic that Nest is reworking their partner/developers program and not allowing new sign ups. Without that type of account there is no way to set up the Nest binding. You will have to wait for Nest to reopen that program to get the data you need to connect it up to OH.

It is possible, just ignore the message on the website and plow on regardless, set up an account and go through the motions…it will let you do it…I have.

Check this thread out where I helped someone else with same / similar issue

Unfortunately I believe Google/Nest will break the OH binding when they shut down the Works with Nest program on August 31st.

Personally, I’m quite upset - I wouldn’t have bought Nest Thermostats and Protect smoke detectors if they didn’t work with OH somehow.

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For further discussion on this upcoming change see Works With Nest - Deprecating on August 31, 2019.

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I second that.