Nest Thermostat Gen 3 - Hot Water boost control

I managed to integrate my Nest Thermostat however I can’t find any information about control of hot water boost. Have anyone tried to get this setup running?

I think Nest Thermostat can’t control hot water. Neither did the 2nd gen. Before the latest Nest was released, I believed that they would’ve introduce the hot/cold water control feature that could’ve be a major shift in the Nest 2nd vs 3rd Gen battle.

Unfortunately, Nest decided to leave it for a later pass.

Nest 3rd Gen controls my hot water, and many other peoples. Pretty standard.

You can set up a schedule for it, and there’s a button on the app to “boost” for 30 mins as well.

What is utterly ridiculous is that the REST API doesn’t expose the following:

  • Hot water status (on/off) R
  • Boost active (on/off) R/W

or something similar.

Many threads on the internet with baffled people wondering why not, with the odd low-grade reply from Nest.