Nest Weave

Interesting announcement from Nest. Hopefully we will be able to create an openhab binding to connect to their devices locally without going to their cloud service.

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do we really need this many communication protocols?

maybe eventually one will emerge as the leader and the rest will fade into obscurity. toshibas hd dvds anyone

No! But that’s the world we live in, and thankfully openHAB is here to bring sanity to the mess. :wink:

Having a clean local API to Nest products, without the cloud involved, will be a boon to some users I’m sure. I’ve relied on cloud access to Nest for home automation since 2012 and it’s been perfectly fine for me, but then again my Internet connection has also been trouble-free.

I personally like customized self designed units.

the one size fits approach, although great for most people, does not have enough flexibility for me.

I have heard that openhab2 is designed for the less tech savvy but am sure it can be an out of the box working solution.

They are at least following a standards group for protocol development and not just trying to come up with their own figuring that it will be better anyway.

It is scary just looking at the collaborative standards bodies out there working on things for IoT, where openess is important.