Netamo weatherstation strange issue in sitemap

I just move my whole system to a new install of openhab 2.5snapshot on a RPI3B+. Before that I was running openhab 2.4 (stable). I had no problems with Netamo…

After moving and reinstalled the binding, (not sure what version it is, it says 2.5snapshot). I have some issue getting string and values from some of the channels to show in sitemaps. And I really cant figure why.

The channels for the indoor module are:

The channel for the outdoor module is:

All the other channels are working just fine…
I do receive an update in the log:

2019-04-01 03:27:45.949 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - NetamoIndendoersTempTrend changed from down to stable

But in the sitemap it shows nothing.

This is my items file:

//Netamo indendørs
Number:Dimensionless 	NetamoIndendoersCo2			      "Netamo Indendørs Co2 [%d %unit%]"							                    <carbondioxide> 		{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Co2" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoIndendoersTemperature		  "Netamo Indendørs Temperatur  [%.1f %unit%]"						                <cu_heating> 	(Temperatur)	{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Temperature" }
String 			        NetamoIndendoersTempTrend		  "Netamo Indendørs Temperatur tendens"											                            { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:TempTrend" }
Number:Dimensionless 	NetamoIndendoersNoise			  "Netamo Indendørs Lyd Db [%d %unit%]"							                    <soundvolume> 			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Noise" }
Number:Pressure 	    NetamoIndendoersPressure		  "Netamo Indendørs Tryg HPa [%.1f %unit%]"						                    <cu_pressure>			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Pressure" }
String 	                NetamoIndendoersPressTrend		  "Netamo Indendørs Tryg tendens"												                            { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:PressTrend" }
Number:Pressure		    NetamoIndendoersAbsolutePressure  "Netamo Indendørs Absolut Tryg HPAa [%.1f %unit%]"					            <cu_pressure>			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:AbsolutePressure" }
DateTime		        NetamoIndendoersMeasuretime		  "Netamo Indendørs Sidste opdatering [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"			    <time>				    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:TimeStamp" }
Number:Dimensionless	NetamoIndendoersHumidity		  "Netamo Indendørs Relativ fugtighed [%d %unit%]"					                <humidity> 	(Fugtighed)	{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Humidity" }
Number 			        NetamoIndendoersHumidex			  "Netamo Indendørs fugtighed føles som [%.0f]"	 				                    <humidity> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Humidex" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoIndendoersHeatIndex		  "Netamo Indendørs Varme index [%.1f %unit%]"						                <cu_heating> 			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:HeatIndex" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoIndendoersDewpoint		  "Netamo Indendørs Dugpunkt [%.1f %unit%]"						                    <humidity> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Dewpoint" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoIndendoersMinTemp			  "Netamo Indendørs Mindste temperatur i dag"						                <cu_heating> 			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:MinTemp" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoIndendoersMaxTemp			  "Netamo Indendørs Højeste temperatur i dag"						                <cu_heating> 			{ channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:MaxTemp" }
DateTime		        NetamoIndendoersDateMinTemp		  "Netamo Indendørs Tid Mindste temperatur i dag: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"	<time>		 		    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:DateMinTemp" }
DateTime 		        NetamoIndendoersDateMaxTemp		  "Netamo Indendørs tid Højeste temperatur i dag: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"	<time>	 			    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:DateMaxTemp" }
DateTime		        NetamoIndendoersLastStatusStore	  "Netamo Indendørs sidste opdatering: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"			    <time>				    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:LastStatusStore" }
Number 			        NetamoIndendoersWifi			  "Netamo Indendørs Wifi status"								                    <cu_wifi> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:WifiStatus" }
Location 		        NetamoIndendoersLocation		  "Netamo Indendørs Lokation GPS kooridnator"							 	 		                        { channel="netatmo:NAMain:75e7162d:70ee502727e6:Location" }

//Netamo udendørs
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoUdendoersTemperature		"Netamo Udendørs Temperatur [%.1f %unit%]"						                   <cu_heating> 	(Temperatur) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]	{ channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Temperature" }
String 			        NetamoUdendoersTempTrend		"Netamo Udendørs Temperatur tendens"											                                { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:TempTrend" }
Number:Dimensionless	NetamoUdendoersHumidity			"Netamo Udendørs Relativ fugtighed [%d %unit%]"						               <humidity> 	(Fugtighed)	    { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Humidity" }
DateTime		        NetamoUdendoersMeasuretime		"Netamo Udendørs Sidste opdatering [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"			       <time>				        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:TimeStamp" }
Number 			        NetamoUdendoersHumidex			"Netamo Udendørs fugtighed føles som [%.0f %%]"						               <humidity> 			        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Humidex" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoUdendoersHeatIndex		"Netamo Udendørs Varme index [%.1f %unit%]"						                   <cu_heating> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:HeatIndex" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoUdendoersDewpoint			"Netamo Udendørs Dugpunkt [%.1f %unit%]"						                   <humidity> 			        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Dewpoint" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoUdendoersMinTemp			"Netamo Udendørs Mindste temperatur i dag"						                   <cu_heating> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:MinTemp" }
Number:Temperature 	    NetamoUdendoersMaxTemp			"Netamo Udendørs Højeste temperatur i dag"						                   <cu_heating> 			    { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:MaxTemp" }
DateTime		        NetamoUdendoersDateMinTemp		"Netamo Udendørs Tid Mindste temperatur i dag: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"	   <time>			 	        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:DateMinTemp" }
DateTime 		        NetamoUdendoersDateMaxTemp		"Netamo Udendørs tid Højeste temperatur i dag: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"	   <time>		 		        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:DateMaxTemp" }
DateTime		        NetamoUdendoersLastMessage		"Netamo Udendørs sidste opdatering: [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"			   <time>				        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:LastMessage" }
Switch 			        NetamoUdendoersLowBattery		"Netamo Udendørs Lav Batteri [%s]"							                       <battery>			        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:LowBattery" }
Number 			        NetamoUdendoersBatteryVP		"Netamo Udendørs Batteri Niveau [%.0f %%]"						                   <battery>	(BatteriLevel)	{ channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:BatteryVP" }
Number 			        NetamoIndendoersRfStatus		"Netamo Udendørs Signal styrke [%.0f / 5]"						                   <cu_wifi>	 		        { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:RfStatus" }

And this is my sitemap:

sitemap vejr label="Vejret (Netamo)"
	Frame label="Netamo indendørs" {

	    Text item=NetamoIndendoersTemperature {
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersCo2  valuecolor=[<800="green",<1000="orange",<1400="red",>1399="maroon"]
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersTemperature
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersTempTrend
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersNoise
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersPressure
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersPressTrend
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersAbsolutePressure
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersMeasuretime
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersHumidity
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersHumidex
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersHeatIndex
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersDewpoint
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersMinTemp
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersMaxTemp
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersDateMinTemp 
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersDateMaxTemp
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersLastStatusStore
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersWifi
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersLocation

	Frame label="Mapview" {
		Mapview item=NetamoIndendoersLocation label="Hjemme" icon="house" height=5

	Frame label="Netamo udendørs" {

	    Text item=NetamoUdendoersTemperature {
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersTemperature
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersTempTrend
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersHumidity
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersMeasuretime
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersHumidex
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersHeatIndex
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersDewpoint 
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersMinTemp
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersMaxTemp
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersDateMinTemp
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersDateMaxTemp
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersLastMessage
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersLowBattery
		Text item=NetamoUdendoersBatteryVP
		Text item=NetamoIndendoersRfStatus


Anyone get any idea why these few channels doesn show, even though they update fine?

EDIT - just gone through my logfile. Seems like Location doesnt update at all. The others updates fine.

Your label definitions for your string items misses

"... [%s]"

Did you set a location for your weather station in the iOS App?

Hmm I see… guess its a change from 2.4 then. I havn´t changed that part except for those items which require %unit%.

I havn´t change the location, so it´s still the same. Maybe it needs a definition as well.

I don’t have one using openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1549 and I see the coordinates in my sitemap (BasicUI). And you said it doesn’t update at all. A definition wouldn’t change that.
Do you see a location and a map in PaperUI?

Ahh you´re right, ofcouse.

Yes, in PaperUI I can see it.
Hmm, strange as I dont see any updated in the log… perhaps this only changes when change coordinates in the app?

I don’t think so, otherwise you couldn’t see it in PaperUI (or migrated you your persistence files also?)

You could also try

"... [%s]"

for your Location item.
I had a quick look at other location items I have. They all work without a []-definition. Maybe behavior has changed on a certain build?

I believe it has, cause it was working great in openhab 2.4 stable. Now I run 2.5M1.
I´ll play around with the definitions tonight to see if anything changes…

How many digits has your long and lat values behind the point in PaperUI? More than 11?


I suggest you take down that image or mask it - now everyone in the WWW knows where you live and where he can get all these nice little IoT things from.

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Your right :slight_smile:

Tested a few things, and I believe something is missing in the doc…

Indoor module:
Channel “Temptrend” needs item definition [%s]
Channel “MaxTemp” needs item definition [%unit%]. Strange enough “MinTemp” works without.
Channel “Location” need item definition [%s]

Outdoor module:
Channel “TempTrend” works without item definition.
Channel “MaxTemp” needs item defintion [%unit%]

This is the openhab 2.5 snapshot.