Netatmo API - Netatmo Access Failed, will retry in 5400 seconds

Hi All,

I am struggling configuring the Netatmo Binding to enable Netatmo Presence into OpenHab2. I have done the following so far:

  1. Created Netatmo App on Netatmo Developer page
  2. Installed the Netatmo Binding
  3. Created Thing “Netatmo API” in UI Configuration/Thing (not via text file)
  4. Updated Username/Password/Client ID and /Client Secret on the thing

After saving, I get an error message on the thing stating that “Netatmo Access Failed”. Screenshot attached

Make sure all config’s are correct then restart OH.

See github for related issues.

Not sure how this response could be of any help. Is there anyone who could guide me through this?

Did you check the link I posted?

Open another browser with frontail log running, uninstall/reinstall the binding and see if there is any extra info in the logs as the binding is reinstalled. You can also set the binding to DEBUG or TRACE via the console and give the binding a restart. If your configuration is correct and nothing inside your firewall is blocking you then the logs should give you a hint to where the problem is.

I am facing a problem with the Netatmo Binding and the Weatherstation. It worked well for more than a year and since the 22nd of April I lost the outdoor sensor, got no updates on Temp and Hum since then.
I rebooted OH2 today and now I am missing all sensors beside the main Station where I still receive all data. I also resetted the main station, no change.
Also the Web interface is empty no data at all, logout/login didn’t help, only caused an e-mail that someone logged in. In the IOS App I get no forecast information but all sensors are delivering data.
The sensors in PaperUI have the state:
Status: OFFLINE Pending parent object initialization
But the mainstation and API is online

on the 22nd Apr. I find these lines in the log, they appeared the days before but never after.

2020-04-22 00:27:18.268 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'netatmo:NAMain:home:inside' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Unable to connect Netatmo API : 500 Internal Server Error
2020-04-22 00:27:48.472 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'netatmo:NAMain:home:inside' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Unable to connect Netatmo API : 500 Internal Server Error to ONLINE

Anyone an idea?

Ok, fixed it, deleted Things file, let binding find all Netatmo sensors, copied new channel names to items file and up and running again.

Ask no questions why that changed now.

good night