Netatmo binding scertificate issue


I have installed and registered the netatmo binding with netatmo. Unfortunately I get the certificate issue described at the netatmo binding wiki.
PKIX path building failed:
unable to find valid certification path to requested target

The guide on how to add the required certificate is for linux, but my system is Windows. How do I add the appropriate certificate on a windows system?

Pål Kristensen

The instructions are basically the same. Just replace $JAVA_HOME with %JAVA_HOME% if you have a JAVA_HOME environment variable set or replace it with the path to where your JDK is installed (e.g. c:\Program Files\Java\jdk.1.8.0_102).

Hi, thanks.

The JAVA_HOME environment variable is what’s confusing me. I can’t remember to have installed the JDK at all. Doesn’t OpenHAB for Windows come with an embedded JDK installation?

Pål Kristensen

I’ve never run it on Windows so don’t know. I didn’t think it did. And I probably mentioned jdk by mistake. You probably have the Java Runtime Environment, not the Java Development Kit so look for JRE.

Hi again,

I managed to import the certificate, but now I got a new error. I thought I managed to grant OpenHAB access to work with the netatmo API, but it seems like I must have made a mistake. This is the error

org.openhab.binding.netatmo.internal.NetatmoException: Could not parse JSON from URL '' content='grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=xxx&client_id=xxx&client_secret=xxx&scope=read_station' json='{"error":"invalid_grant"}'

I don’t know this binding so I’m not going to be able to help with that error.

Thanks for helping out. I got it all working now :slight_smile: Just need to configure some items!

016-08-08 19:30:10.407 [INFO ] [.o.b.n.internal.NetatmoBinding] - The following Netatmo measurements are not yet configured:
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#Temperature (Indoor)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#Noise (Indoor)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#CO2 (Indoor)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#Humidity (Indoor)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#Pressure (Indoor)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#02:00:00:1c:4f:7a#Temperature (Outdoor module)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#02:00:00:1c:4f:7a#Humidity (Outdoor module)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#06:00:00:00:f1:90#windstrength (Wind)
    70:ee:50:1c:43:b2#05:00:00:02:88:92#Rain (Rain)