Netatmo Binding stopped working after Restart - SOLVED

This experience might be useful to others:
My netatmo binding stopped working after restart of the underlying Raspberry Pi.
The situation:

  • The Netatmo devices were reporting to the web (present in netatmo app)
  • The Raspberry Pi was connected to the internet (other bindings pulled data from the web)
  • I had pulled shortly before the latest openhabian release (but don’t think, that the neatmo binding was updated or changed recently)

The solution was within the netatmo binding in the PaperUI. somehow the “Access healthy Home Coach” was checked (I don’t have a device like that)
Unchecking this service in the binding made the netatmo binding work again.
(I have no idea, why the “Healthy Coach” was checked after the restart. I haven´t opened the binding page for lomg - the excellent binding just runs fine :smile: )

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