Netatmo binding Thermostat


Since a few days I am not recieving any updates from the netatmo thermostat
In the logfiles if find :
2017-05-31 20:42:34.268 [ERROR] [netatmo.handler.NetatmoBridgeHandler] - An error occured while calling thermostat API : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a boolean but was NUMBER at line 1 column 352 path $.body.devices[0].plug_connected_boiler

the parameter plig_connected_boiler seems to be a NUMBER now, in the old documentation is was a BOOLEAN.

I am running : openhab2-online 2.0.0~b5 on rasbian (no local bindings)

Thanks in advance


Has anyone a solution for this ?

thanks in advance


Hi, I have no idea how to solve your problem. Maybe you should open an issue in

We got a PR