Netatmo - invalid client

I’ve configured the binding as suggested in the documentation: in things file I’ve added the bridge row with:

The problem is that once I try to discover new things I get this error in my logs:
[netatmo.handler.NetatmoBridgeHandler] - An error occurred while calling thermostat API : OAuthProblemException{error=‘invalid_client’, description=‘null’, uri=‘null’, state=‘null’, scope=‘null’, redirectUri=‘null’, responseStatus=0, parameters={}}

I’m sure about credentials… What do you suggest to test?

Hello Alberto

Have you created the custom application at netatmo?
Docu Netatmo


Yes, I created the app and I got clientId and secretId

I’ve configured the bridge using paperUI and it worked. Sorry for the post.

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No need at all to be sorry fr the post: I tried this binding several times using Habmin (OpenHAB v2.1) and got the same error. Deleting and doing it again did not help. Then I read this, and tried to enter the config in PaperUI isntead. One difference: the password now stuck, which it didn’t before. But same result.

Then I removed the Netatmo API Thing I had, and added it from scratch in PaperUI. This did it, now it works like a charm. Thanks to your question :slight_smile:

The same for me … :wink: