Netatmo issue


I’ve got some trouble to use the netatmo binding on openhab.

My error :

02:32:25.415 [ERROR] [.service.AbstractActiveService:175 ] - Error while executing background thread Netatmo Refresh Service
org.openhab.binding.netatmo.internal.NetatmoException: Could not parse JSON from URL ‘’ content=‘grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=573241a649c75f6074c3af4c|d264yyyyy4131fee72355b69a848e92&client_id=5732691449c75yyyyyc3acc4&client_secret=HoSiRsNuZBDtW2xTyyyyySwHhJmYw4BeCdzKttLzpl&scope=read_station’ json=’{“error”:“invalid_client”}’

I don’t understand a parameter when i follow the netatmo binding guide ([])

The parameter is this one :


What i need to put here ? my local address openhab url address ? Or something else?

I’m using openhab on ubuntuserver.