Netatmo Item Binding and Decimal


i use netatmo for weather.
My item looks like

Number:Temperature Netatmo_wz_Temperature         "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"          <temperature>      { channel = "netatmo:NAMain:2312dcff:70ee502ea39a:Temperature" }

But in my Habpanel the items shows a big number.

How can i solve my Problem?
I have try the " | number:0" or “’%.01f’ | sprintf:” but nothink works for me.

Iam new to openhab.

Number:Temperature Netatmo_wz_Temperature         "Temperature [%.1f °C]"          <temperature>      { channel = "netatmo:NAMain:2312dcff:70ee502ea39a:Temperature" }

Check/change the HABPanel-settings


Its a custom Widget

				<div class="main">{{itemValue('Netatmo_wz_Temperature')}}</div>

and | number:1 at the end dosnt work

I checked your code and it works fine.
What OS, oH- and java-version do you use?

Okay, i use Openhabian with oh2.3 and a pi 3+ b
In PaperUI it works fine and in ClassicUi too.


Please post your complete widget code.

	<div class="bigDash">
		<div class="top">
			<div class="icon on"><svg viewBox="0 0 48 48"><use xlink:href="/static/matrix-theme/squidink.svg#thermometer-3"></use></svg></div>
			<div class="value">
				<div class="main">{{itemValue('Netatmo_wz_Temperature')}}</div>
				<div class="sub">&#176C</div>

I have exact the same issue. I use the netatmo widget.

I think its the Number:Temperature.
Without the :Temperature its dosnt work but it think its now a number and i can use | number:1

IDk whats wrong.

Maybee i need to try the V1 Binding

I posted a solution to this a few days ago.

Thanks i give it a try.
How looks your Item?

I’m not at home right now, but my items are very basic. E.g my outside temperature is of type number with dimension temperature.

You are so awesome

{{'%.1f' | sprintf:itemValue('KChe_Temperatur').split(' ')[0]}}

Work for me

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