Netatmo - netatmo.things file

First I added the netatmo bridge thing by UI Interface. It worked how it should. Now I’ve deleted all and defined the netatmo parameter in a things-file.
I see in the log that the things file was loaded. But there are no entries in the UI.
What’s going wrong?

Show us your things definition.

You can find an exampke here:

here my things file in OH3.3

// Bridge configuration:
Bridge netatmo:netatmoapi:home "Netatmo API" [ clientId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxx0495be392", clientSecret="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", username = "", password = "password", readStation=true, readThermostat=false] {
    // Thing configuration:
    Thing NAMain inside "Netatmo Inside"       [ id="70:EE:50:1C:81:14" ]
    Thing NAModule1 outside "Netatmo Outside"  [ id="02:00:00:1c:76:be", parentId="70:EE:50:1C:81:14" ]
    Thing NAModule3 rain "Netatmo Rain"        [ id="05:00:00:02:b3:2c", parentId="70:EE:50:1C:81:14" ]

Looks like you are using definitions appropriate to the binding before OH3.3.
You have to change it for OH3.3. Look at the example in the documentation.

Thank, I didn’t realize there are some changes in the format of OH3.3