Netatmo: NoClassDefFoundError and


I’m currently testing the netatmo binding from openhab2 inside a custom karaf-4.0.4 environment and I kept having runtime errors where the binding would fail to initialize, reporting a cryptic javax/net/ssl/HostNameVerifier message next to the Initializing string.
I then fired up a debug session and I found out that a NoClassDefFoundError was thrown as soon as the ApiClient object was created. I then looked the MANIFEST.MF of the project and found that the Import-Package directive for was missing, so I added it.
After this, another class inside the package was not found, so I added it to the MANIFEST.MF too.
After these two additions, the binding started working correctly.
Is this a bug?
If needed, I can submit a pull request on github with these modifications.

If you had to manually edit the manifest file to get it to work I’d say that is a bug.

Yep, I definitely had to edit the Import-Package header there.
I don’t know why but yesterday I saw no option to open a relevant issue on the Github project page, while today I see it.
I will then open an issue there.

Thanks for the feedback Rich