Netatmo OH3.3 Create Bridge

When trying to authorize openhab Bridge with
http://<your openHAB address>:8080/netatmo/connect/<_CLIENT_ID_>

I receive “Call to Netatmo Connect failed with error: redirect_uri_mismatch” after some seconds.

Set the callback url to the same value that is presented you on the authorisation page (no matter if it is valid or not) This worked for me.

Hi Thomas
thanks for your help. But finally I had to create a new Netatmo account - don’t know why
regards Toni

i am having the same issue. The redirect points allways to a local network name. Regardless if i connect the openhab destination from “within” the network or from a reverse-proxy.

I run into this during the update from 3.2 to 3.3 - the connection is fine on 3.2 but i’m not able to get it running in 3.3…

Any suggestions on howto register with netatmo?

hmm - i needed to register a complete new App in Netatmo - it had some trouble with the existing one…