Netatmo presence camera

Hi guys,

new things to play with. I bought a netatmo presence (outdoor camera for the garden). Is there a chance to connect it to OH2. I was not able to figure that out from the documentation.

Target is to activate/deactivate the messaging of persons from the camera dependent of another OH2 item. I have a presence variable if at least someone is at home. If this is the case I would like to turn on/off the alarming of persons in the garden via a OH2 rule.

The other stuff (temperature, etc. from the weather station) works like a charm in OH2.

And how can I integrate the camera picture into OH viz like the classical GUI?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Ralf,

the Netatmo Presence camera is currently not supported by the Netatmo binding. But it is a very good idea to integrate it. Please go to and open issue over there. Thanks.

Done. If Incould be of any help (e.g. testing) please do let me know.

i have also 3 netatmo presence, are there any news about the support of this camera?

Yes, indeed. is working on it. He is looking for volunteers for testing and reverse engineering purposes:

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